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Tips for creating rooms for 1 to 4 children

Hello Friends
These awesome children’s rooms are all found on
Hanging beds
This family utilized the closet as a niche for the baby’s crib by taking off the door
Loft beds for triplets
 4 beds all on the one wall with under bed storage
2 bunks, one above the other
Cheers Tanya


How to make your bed comfy for you

Hello Friends
Who loves a comfortable bed, I know I do. Here are some tips for creating a bed that’s just perfect for you. All you need to start with is a bed frame and a good mattress, or maybe you prefer a bed with a double mattress to sleep on

Layering it on
Bed not comfy enough?
Firstly to start with to achieve a super comfortable bed you need to layer on the extras and a few other goodies as well to create a luxurious bed that’s just perfect for you
Have a happy memory
Memory foam mattress pads are good to start the layering with, they come in a variety of sizes. One that’s 2″ or more thick is ideal to start with, nice and cushy
More Padding
Or you might prefer one of the egg-crate mattresses which look a bit strange but are very comfortable to sleep on. Make sure you get one big enough to cover the whole top of your bed
Great Sheets
Any fabric that touches your skin should be soft and comfortable. Always buy quality sheets with a thread count of 400 to 600 per inch. Any higher means your sheets are likely to be dense and stiff with the threads being very thin. For durability 2-ply is the best. Always making up your bed with the whole set, fitted, flat, pillow cases and duvet covers means the bed looks and feels more comfortable immediately. Also buy fitted sheets made for super-deep mattresses to accommodate all the extra bed toppers on your bed. If needed buy sheet grippers to hold the fitted sheet in place
Going Down
Down or feather products are an exquisite addition to a bed. Buy them on special to get the better quality pillows, mattress toppers and comforters.
Comfy Comforters
Buy one that is appropriate for the seasons, climate and is of a weight that is most comfortable and soothing for you. When choosing a comforter or duvet, evaluate the weight, fill power and the various types of filler before buying
Getting Warmer
If you like the idea of a warm cozy bed, look into buying an electric warming mattress pad, which is placed on top of the mattress to keep you nice and toasty in the colder  winter months, or buy one of the normal electric blankets, that you place under your fitted sheet.
If your pillow seems too hot at night, look into buying a ventilated pillow. If your pillow is not supportive enough try a contoured foam pillow. Leg, hip or back problems? There are also all kinds of therapeutic pillows that are easily available, such as leg spacer/position-er pillows, leg wedge pillows, lumbar roll pillows and the great multi-purpose body pillow

Have fun creating the perfect bed for you
Cheers Tanya