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Bizzare Animal Creatures That Actually Exist

Totally amazing and beautiful creatures, I just had to reblog this post.

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8 Dream Closets We Wish Were Ours

Many thanks to  Rachel Sylvester from for this wonderful article on dream closets, to see more closets click on the link below



If you love a home with lots of light and air, then consider skylights. They open up any dark room to create a light and airy space, with a lot of them opening up to allow for extra ventilation. Look at these photos below for inspiration

No skylights, but lovely high ceilings and tall windows, and what a view!Cool-blue-living-room-stylishly-lit-up-by-daft-placing-of-skylights
I love how the skylights highlight the blue of the couches in this room
No skylights but lovely big windows
More large windows and amazing views
I love this space, slanted windows and red pop of colour
Without the skylight in the kitchen area this whole space would be dark and depressing
All images via pinterest


The vibrant colours of Peru

Wonderful, exciting, happy colours of Peru. I have never been to Peru, but after seeing lots of pictures, its definitely on my to do list. Many thanks to Paola Parsons from for her array of pictures while on holiday in Peru. Click on the link to see the rest of the amazing shots

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Autumn splendour

I love autumn in Canberra, the leaves turn amazing colours, the colours deepening as autumn progresses, then they slowly fall to the ground. Like a soft carpet of leaves which Mickey loves to frolic through.



IMG_4466Mickey blends in well with the leaves


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To paint or not to paint!

Buy some dollar store china and glassware and transform them into works of art. There are lots of different ways to paint on china or glass – freehand, stencil, silkscreen, paint pens, or however you want! The best way to apply the paint with stencils is to use a pouncer. Pouncers are made of foam and are used to apply paint in an up and down dabbing motion. Also by using a pouncer less paint gets under the stencil than when a paintbrush is used. Once you have finished your creation its simply a matter of slow baking in the oven until set. Check out these awesome examples below. I love the tea time mug.

crow painted vases fall halloween