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Lessons Learned in Styling a Bookcase

This is a wonderful article from Laura Putnam over at Laura writes about the lessons she has learnt in styling bookcases and has shown a before and after picture which I have included below. It looks amazing. Head on over to her site by clicking on the link for lots of tips and ideas about achieving the look that you are after for your bookcase and home.
StylingaLivingRoomBookcaseLessons learned in styling a bookcaseBookcaseBeforeandAfter

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Spring-Summer Decorating

Nothing beats warmer weather for wanting to clean, refresh or redecorate. Sort of like a spring/summer clean. All images used in this post are courtesy of
image Change your living area by de cluttering and replacing accessories for lighter, brighter colours. Keep it simple, also open your windows and let the warm breezes flow through your home, getting rid of any old stale winter air.
imageTry to replace darker pictures with a fresh injection of colour like this set of framed pictures above.
imageWire basket or lamp? What a great idea for any room in the home. I love the way the basket has been used in this room, by turning it upside down, lining the basket and then adding a little twig nest. Perfect!
imageGrab a nice glass vase or bowl add some smallish fruits like these cumquat’s in the bottom of the vase above, then simply add a bunch of bright flowers. A bunch of different coloured flowers look great as well
imageCreate a lighter, brighter mood in the bedroom by replacing the pictures on the wall to coordinate with the colours in your doona. Add some fresh flowers for a instant lift.
imageFern fronds makes a stunning display in any room,  simply display them in a clear squat bowl. The colour is fresh and brings in some of the great outdoors for us to enjoy.
image Bright funky fresh plates like the ones above are perfect for spring-summer entertaining. All images via

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8 Dream Closets We Wish Were Ours

Many thanks to  Rachel Sylvester from for this wonderful article on dream closets, to see more closets click on the link below



If you love a home with lots of light and air, then consider skylights. They open up any dark room to create a light and airy space, with a lot of them opening up to allow for extra ventilation. Look at these photos below for inspiration

No skylights, but lovely high ceilings and tall windows, and what a view!Cool-blue-living-room-stylishly-lit-up-by-daft-placing-of-skylights
I love how the skylights highlight the blue of the couches in this room
No skylights but lovely big windows
More large windows and amazing views
I love this space, slanted windows and red pop of colour
Without the skylight in the kitchen area this whole space would be dark and depressing
All images via pinterest

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To paint or not to paint!

Buy some dollar store china and glassware and transform them into works of art. There are lots of different ways to paint on china or glass – freehand, stencil, silkscreen, paint pens, or however you want! The best way to apply the paint with stencils is to use a pouncer. Pouncers are made of foam and are used to apply paint in an up and down dabbing motion. Also by using a pouncer less paint gets under the stencil than when a paintbrush is used. Once you have finished your creation its simply a matter of slow baking in the oven until set. Check out these awesome examples below. I love the tea time mug.

crow painted vases fall halloween

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As if from nowhere…by Orla Reynolds

I love this space saving idea from designer Orla Reynolds. The table and chairs with their vivid colours are made out of steel and can be easily removed when needed. The chairs become comfy by adding cushions held in place by magnets. This would be the perfect solution for those of you living in small spaces, or for when unexpected guests drop by and you need extra seating.


Reynolds a former ballerina says this:

“The movement from bookcase to dining is like a scene change. It transforms the space like props on a stage. The dancers can be seen in the chairs and tables. These are made of such strong material that there is an expectation that they are heavy. But they are lightweight. They are streamlined creating an elegant silhouette”

Smart-space-saving-furniture-by-Orla-Reynolds-3 Smart-space-saving-furniture-by-Orla-Reynolds-4



From flea market find to the home

Everyone loves a bargain, I know I do, especially when I have the perfect place to put it in the home. I found these amazing finds below to share with you, please read on for inspiration

I love the idea of taking a spring cot base and cutting it down to the size you want then attaching bits and pieces you want to display with pegs, clips or even safety pins. Also the old graters turned into pen holders is a brilliant idea. I need one of these old swivel chairs as well, perfect.


What about using old jars for storing utensils.


A cute old shelf  turned into extra kitchen storage and use


Recycle different size boxes to organize all your small bits and pieces that seem to accumulate around the home. These boxes can be used inside drawers or on display, painted or unpainted.


This office storage unit below is ideal for having all your supplies in one place. The shelves and cubby holes  help everything to be on display and easily accessible  The glass jars are ideal as you can easily see whats in them. Baking pans are great to use for storing folders and papers.


Another rustic desk and shelving system and check out the seat attached to the desk itself, that looks like it turns from side to side as well


These antique benches make an outstanding shelving system, for extra stability try anchoring them to the wall. They all have there own stories to tell and are great to display books and special bits and pieces.


This old animal feeder looks wonderful in the kitchen to hold  bottles and other bits and pieces, add a plant for a touch of colour