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A Copper Card Tree You Can DIY for the Holidays

What a wonderful idea to display your Xmas cards!


My favourite Maya Angelou quote

This is my favourite quote from Maya Angelou. One amazing lady. May she rest in peace.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Lessons Learned in Styling a Bookcase

This is a wonderful article from Laura Putnam over at Laura writes about the lessons she has learnt in styling bookcases and has shown a before and after picture which I have included below. It looks amazing. Head on over to her site by clicking on the link for lots of tips and ideas about achieving the look that you are after for your bookcase and home.
StylingaLivingRoomBookcaseLessons learned in styling a bookcaseBookcaseBeforeandAfter

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Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2014: How to Create Your Own Oasis

Some lovely outdoor areas in this article, I love all of the colour. It makes a space look bright and interesting

L' Essenziale Home Designs

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Maybe it’s to live a healthier lifestyle, save more money or go on that trip you’ve been talking about for years. Or perhaps it’s to bring the holiday retreat to your own backdoor, and create an outdoor oasis that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a whole different world.

As you go out with the old and in with the new, we look at few furniture trends set to rule 2014 and transform the outdoors into a much needed vacation spot –  ideal for entertaining in, relaxing and escaping to your own private haven.

50 Shades of Colour

Think vibrant and cheerful shades with a hint of playful patterns to reflect a feel-good holiday vibe. People want to incorporate more colours into their lives for 2014 so fun and classic outdoor fabrics, treated to stain resistant, will appeal to a variety of décor…

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FREE PRINTABLE: Christmas holiday gift tags 2013

What a unique idea they look amazing!!!

Decorator's Notebook blog

Each year we love designing a special set of festive gift tags for you to download and print as a little ‘thank you’ for following and supporting Decorator’s Notebook.

Free printable Christmas holiday gift tags from Decorator's Notebook

For 2013 we’ve chosen a vintage flora and fauna theme so you can use them for Christmas or any occasion through the winter months.

free downloadable gift tags

There are 14 different designs featuring archive etchings of British animals and plants. This year there’s the option of a full colour or black and white design, both of which can be printed onto plain, coloured or kraft card.

Free printable gift tags from Decorator's Notebook blog

Free downloadable gift tags from Decorator's Notebook 14 designs

{© Decorator’s Notebook – not for commercial use}

We really hope you like our gift tags and will enjoy using them for your presents this Christmas. All we ask is that you share a link to this post via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest before you download them using one of the buttons below. We’d love you to share…

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For My Future Grandchildren

Wonderful, inspiring words

Reclaim the Warrior

I want my future grandchildren,

and those that come after,

to say that I was fierce with heart.

I want them to know

that every action that I took

was mindful of their future existence,

that I was not merely a woman of resistance,

but a woman of vision.

To say that I didn’t just use my eyes to see

what was wrong in the world,

but used my hands and my heart to change it.

I want them to know

that grandma broke cy-cles

that I broke sweat to manifest dreams

that I broke bread with my enemies

that I broke open every morning

unafraid of the brilliance that I held inside.

I want them to say,

that I was never pushed down by criticism

and my ego was never elevated by praise

that I lived with the acknowledgement

that one day…

they would take their first breath, first…

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Spring-Summer Decorating

Nothing beats warmer weather for wanting to clean, refresh or redecorate. Sort of like a spring/summer clean. All images used in this post are courtesy of
image Change your living area by de cluttering and replacing accessories for lighter, brighter colours. Keep it simple, also open your windows and let the warm breezes flow through your home, getting rid of any old stale winter air.
imageTry to replace darker pictures with a fresh injection of colour like this set of framed pictures above.
imageWire basket or lamp? What a great idea for any room in the home. I love the way the basket has been used in this room, by turning it upside down, lining the basket and then adding a little twig nest. Perfect!
imageGrab a nice glass vase or bowl add some smallish fruits like these cumquat’s in the bottom of the vase above, then simply add a bunch of bright flowers. A bunch of different coloured flowers look great as well
imageCreate a lighter, brighter mood in the bedroom by replacing the pictures on the wall to coordinate with the colours in your doona. Add some fresh flowers for a instant lift.
imageFern fronds makes a stunning display in any room,  simply display them in a clear squat bowl. The colour is fresh and brings in some of the great outdoors for us to enjoy.
image Bright funky fresh plates like the ones above are perfect for spring-summer entertaining. All images via

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