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From flea market find to the home


Everyone loves a bargain, I know I do, especially when I have the perfect place to put it in the home. I found these amazing finds below to share with you, please read on for inspiration

I love the idea of taking a spring cot base and cutting it down to the size you want then attaching bits and pieces you want to display with pegs, clips or even safety pins. Also the old graters turned into pen holders is a brilliant idea. I need one of these old swivel chairs as well, perfect.


What about using old jars for storing utensils.


A cute old shelf  turned into extra kitchen storage and use


Recycle different size boxes to organize all your small bits and pieces that seem to accumulate around the home. These boxes can be used inside drawers or on display, painted or unpainted.


This office storage unit below is ideal for having all your supplies in one place. The shelves and cubby holes  help everything to be on display and easily accessible  The glass jars are ideal as you can easily see whats in them. Baking pans are great to use for storing folders and papers.


Another rustic desk and shelving system and check out the seat attached to the desk itself, that looks like it turns from side to side as well


These antique benches make an outstanding shelving system, for extra stability try anchoring them to the wall. They all have there own stories to tell and are great to display books and special bits and pieces.


This old animal feeder looks wonderful in the kitchen to hold  bottles and other bits and pieces, add a plant for a touch of colour



5 thoughts on “From flea market find to the home

  1. I love the spring base and the antique benches ideas… gorgeous stuff!

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  3. Thank you for visiting our blog, so
    I came to see yours and I love the out of the box use of the things that you put on your blog. I am going to do a post (on our blog about your blog) with a link back to your blog if that is ok with you. Really enjoyed seeing your blog I think that others will as well. Have a great day.

    Dan and Deanna “Marketing Unscrambled”

    • Hi Dan and Deanna
      Thank you for visiting my blog, You are more than welcome to do a post about my blog with a link back. That sounds wonderful, I’m looking forward to reading the post
      Kind Regards

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