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More xmas decorating

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Hello Friends
More Christmas decorating at our house, we decided on having a fresh tree this year, so we went tree hunting and found the perfect one, after struggling to get it inside and being scratched in the process, we finally have it set up and decorated. I’m loving the shape of this one.
The tree lights are on, but of course its daylight, so you cant really see them. I think it looks really pretty, iv’e put lots of decorations on already, but I’m not sure if it needs more, what do you think?
We hung strings of baubles from the ceiling
My daughter made this wreath out of lots of coloured pom pom balls strung together and then wrapped around the wreath. I love the finished result.
We put some unwanted tree cutoffs in 3 Ikea vases, stuck on a few pom pom balls and the result looks good displayed in the bathroom.
A Vintage decoration, cute
My eldest daughter made this angel for our Christmas tree when she was about 8, and it has topped our tree every year since
Another discarded branch hung on the wall with more pom pom balls randomly stuck on.
Cheers Tanya

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